Are Taiwanese people very worried about Covid? The TV and newspapers are using fear to push people into toxic vaccinations. The scientific evidence is that vaccines are more dangerous than Covid but governments and news are lying (they are hiding the data). Please don't let them affect you. In Spain: No facemasks required to enter shops, in UK: no facemasks required to enter shops, get the train or bus. But there's more positive cases in Spain and UK than Taiwan. No logic right?

PCR tests don't detect anything, they are used to make people believe there's a pandemic. It's an amplifier not a diagnostic tool. That's the reason the inventor of the PCR test, Kary Mullis got murdered in 2019, two months before the Covid pandemic. People should do more research into government scams. Pharmaceutical corporations have more power than governments in any country. Many people don't know the real power hierarchy in our society, all governments are puppets.

台灣人很擔心新冠病毒嗎? 電視和報紙正在利用恐懼推動人們接種有毒疫苗。 科學證據表明,疫苗比 Covid 更危險,但政府和新聞在撒謊(他們隱藏了數據)。 請不要讓它們影響你。 在西班牙:進入商店無需佩戴口罩;在英國:進入商店、乘坐火車或公共汽車無需佩戴口罩。 但西班牙和英國的陽性病例比台灣多。 沒有邏輯對吧?

PCR 檢測不會檢測到任何東西,它們被用來讓人們相信有流行病。 它是放大器而不是診斷工具。 這就是 PCR 檢測的發明者 Kary Mullis 於 2019 年被謀殺的原因,也就是新冠病毒大流行前兩個月。 人們應該對政府詐騙進行更多研究。 製藥公司比任何國家的政府都擁有更大的權力。 很多人不知道我們社會真正的權力等級,所有的政府都是傀儡。
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