Israel Revives COVID Restrictions As Cases Soar, Warns Of Possible Lockdown In September

TUESDAY, AUG 03, 2021 - 10:25 PM
Despite being the most heavily vaccinated country in the world, Israel has just imposed new restrictions on its population, and the body responsible for generating its COVID policies just admitted that a lockdown in September is no longer a remote possibility.
Israel's coronavirus cabinet announced Tuesday night that starting Aug. 20, the country will revive its full green pass system. Starting Sunday, masks will be mandatory in all indoor and outdoor gatherings and even fully vaccinated parents responsible for caring for a child in quarantine will be demanded to isolate as well (for children 12 and under).

Defense Minister Benny Gantz added: "We need to prepare the public and public opinion for a lockdown in September, which is a month in which the economic damage will be less, and accelerate the immunization effort to try to prevent it."
Also on Tuesday, Gantz announced that an additional 1K reservists will be called back to support the ministry’s activities related to the pandemic. Soldiers are employed for several logistical activities. And an additional 500 medics are going to be recruited to assist the Health Ministry’s vaccination efforts.
Less than a week has passed since the Israeli government announced it would start administering booster shots to people over age 60. And now that at least two European nations have said they're preparing to dole out booster shots, it's only a matter of time before Big Pharma gets its way in the US, leading to more sales for Pfizer and Moderna at newly inflated prices.

打了二劑還是要戴口罩 green pass 又如何?還得考慮封城!
昨夜風疏雨驟,試問疫中人 應是輝瑞肥荷包瘦!
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