Below is medical advice from Albert’s doctor friend regarding Wuhan pneumonia. Please read through as this disease is spreading quickly in Asia.

Dr. Yuen Kwok Yung, a highly respected doctor during the previous SARS period gave the following advice in a speech yesterday.
1. He suggests Hong Kong people should try to avoid going to China during this period of time.
2. If going on a flight, make sure you wear a mask.
3. Always have antiseptic cleanser or towel readily available.
4. The virus “Coronavirus” is similar type of virus like the previous SARS or MERS. This time it is OC43. There is still no known method of tackling this virus.
5. If you have to go to the market, make sure you wear a mask. Be very vigilant.
6. Health Authority announced that this virus is very serious. However, as the virus is found to be able to enter your body if your throat or throat mucous is dry, the one precaution they suggest which can be taken is to ensure your throat or throat mucous is always in a moist condition. In fact, they suggest not to allow your throat to become dry, as in 10 minutes of being dry, the virus will find ways to enter into your body. So do not refrain from drinking water, always have a bottle handy.
For adults, they suggest drinking 50-80cc of warm water; for children 30-50cc. Just drink if you feel your throat is dry. Do not hesitate. However drinking more than the amount recommended is not necessary, as it will just want to pass through your system. The idea is to “Keep your Throat Constantly Moist”
7. Before end of March, try not to enter crowded places, MTR or public Transport, and wear a mask if necessary.
8. Avoid eating too much deep fried food and take plenty of Vitamen C.
9. Control Centre advice on symptoms of this virus:
- fast and high fever, hard to lower, but if successful, the fever will return very soon.
- next stage is coughing, in long duration, people affected are mainly children.
- Adults has mainly throat symptoms, together with headaches and physical discomforts.
- the virus is “highly” contagious.
- elderly and young children are most susceptible, so take super precaution.

I am afraid this is best I know how in translating for my dear friends and family’s benefits. Good health to everyone.
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這很像以下謠言的中文版: 這是流傳已久的謠言囉,醫師指出「保持喉嚨黏膜的濕潤」、「不能讓喉嚨乾燥」、「喝溫水」等方法,並沒有相關醫學研究證實可以有效預防流感。 另外,這則謠言有「醫管局發出的通知」的版本,內文一樣都是錯的。

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It is a false information.There is no medical evidence to prove warm water,Vitamen C or keeping your Throat Constantly Moist has any special effect toward tackling this virus.



網傳「醫管局發出的通知,流感預防的方式,就是要保持喉嚨黏膜的濕潤,因此一定不要忍耐不喝水。喉嚨的黏膜乾燥,在10分鐘內病毒就能入侵體內。每次喝50-80cc的溫水.......」。經查: 一、傳言指稱「醫管局通知」,但台灣並沒有「醫管局」這個政府機關。 二、香港才有「醫院管理局」。但香港醫管局澄清,該局並沒有發出這則訊息。 三、醫師指出「保持喉嚨黏膜的濕潤」、「不能讓喉嚨乾燥」、「喝溫水」等方法,

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