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1.這份報告是來自ICO(Information Commissioner’s Office)的英國資訊單位報告書,不是英國法院的判決書,不適合用"判決出爐"來混淆。
2.報告內文提到"denied holding the requested information"否認的部分是指"the names of examiners"(口試委員名單),所以ICO綜合所有的可能評估推測LSE可能已經沒有留存這份委員名單。
3.學位的真實性已經由英國初級審裁處知情權分庭於2021年9月13日判決說明由倫敦大學公開的資訊足以證實。判決原文:"56. Further, we find that there is sufficient evidence already in the public domain to satisfy Mr. Richardson’s or the public’s concerns about whether or not President
Tsai was awarded a PhD, without the need to release this particular information. This includes the fact that the University has publicly confirmed that the degree was correctly awarded and that it holds records of the viva and the pass list in relation to President Tsai and the fact that the thesis appeared in the IALS list of legal theses successfully completed for postgraduate degrees published in 1985. In our view it is not reasonably necessary to also disclose the names of the examiners and the date that they signed approval of the thesis. "


英國初級審裁處知情權分庭決議文 200921 Richardson EA 2020 0212 p.pdf

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